Gladem Cake suggest few options of delivery, which depend on the cost of the order and availability of the drivers. Please call us for the details -> 508 644 053 (telephone contact only during the working hours 10-19).

(The delivery cost is charged to the customers without any markup)

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order the cake?

The cake can be ordered in three ways:
1.By telephone contact at the following number: 508 644 053 (telephone contact only during the working hours 10-19).
2.Go through the website of the Gladem Cakes (
3.Visit to the Gladem Cakes bakery from Monday to Sunday, opening hours 10-19. The Gladem Cakes is located at Białobrzeska 15 in Warsaw.

What information should I provide?
1.Date and time of pickup.
2.Number of people (I will be helpful to estimate the final weight of the cake).
3.Flavour (let us know if you have any allergies).
4.Picture of the cake (available on Gallery) or your own inspiration.
5.Inscription, edible printout – if you won’t let us know what kind.

You will receive information about the estimated weight and price of the cake. Sometimes the cake is slightly heavier than expected due to its artistic form. After discussing the details, please make an advance payment at the Gladem Cakes shop or to your bank account, which is a condition for accepting the order.

How to transport a cake?

The car is the best way for cake transportation. The cake should be placed on a flat surface in the front (leg space) or at the leg space of the rare seat. The optimal time for transporting the cake is max. 1 hour at room temperature (without cooling conditions). Avoid sudden/accidental braking during transportation and do not hold it on your knees or on seats that are inclined at an angle.

After the cake is brought to its destination, it should be put (in a carton) in a refrigerator where the temperature is from 3 to 6 degrees. If there is not enough space in the refrigerator to store the cake in a carton, get rid of strongly fragrant products (sausage, blue cheese, etc.). The cake should also not be stored in the freezer, garage, or on the balcony.

How to cut a cake?

A sharp knife, previously dipped in hot water, should be used to cut the cake. The step-by-step instructions for cutting the cake are described below:
1. Cut the cake starting with the tip of the knife from its center, sliding to the very edge.
2. Do not cut the cake with the entire surface of the knife.
3. After each piece gets cut, the knife should be dipped in hot water and dried.
4. The pieces of the cut cake should be served with a serving spatula.

Cakes with decorative elements:
1. Fresh flowers: before serving the cake, remove all the flowers, and pay attention to the elements they are fastened (wires, wooden sticks).
2. Sugar figurines: remove the figurine from the cake before serving. Often the figurine is fastening with a wooden stick which also needs to be removed.

Multi-level cake:
1. Each tier of the cake is separated by an inedible pad with a bracket (straws, wooden sticks). After cutting the upper level, the pad and other elements should be removed.
2. Cake with sugar paste should be cut right after removing from the refrigerator (just before serving). In the case of cream cake, remove it from the refrigerator approx. 10-15 minutes before serving.

Methods of payment?

In our cakes shop we accept card and cash payments. It is also possible to pay by bank transfer to our company’s bank account.

Why is the cake 200 g heavier than initially predicted?

At Gladem Cakes we make artistic cakes and sometimes it’s hard to estimate the exact weight of the cake in detail. This is due to their artistic form and the weight of some additives that you have selected.

What if i want to cancel the order?

In case of cancellation of the order, advance payment is not refundable. We recommend to change the order to the next available date. You should inform about the cancellation of the order up to 3 days before the agreed date of implementation.

How much earlier should I order a cake?

Our studio specializes in creating artistic cakes – depending on type of cake and availability of date, we recommend to make reservations at least 1 or 2 weeks in advance. In special cases, it is possible to order a cake 2-3 days earlier if we have available dates.

Non edible materials used to decor the cake?

Our cakes are an artistic work so sometimes we use materials that are not edible (ribbons, fresh flowers, toothpicks, wires, plastic figures). When picking up the cake, you are always informed about the inedible elements of the cake.

What makes Gladem cakes special?

Gladem Cakes is an artistic cake studio created out of passion for confectionery. Our studio produces pastries whose taste will satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are creating a unique place on the confectionery map of Warsaw with such a unique baking recipe, because we are a family company. In the first place, we focus on the quality and satisfaction of our guests, trying to comply with all requests that are addressed to us. We do not use semi-finished products and all sweets are created from scratch with the highest quality.

Is it possible to order a last minute cake?

It is possible to order a cake on the same day – just call us and ask about the availability.

Is it possible to deliver the cake?

It is possible to deliver the cake for a fee after prior telephone contact and discussing the details.

Is it possible to order gluten-free, vegetarian cakes?

Our offer includes the option of ordering gluten-free and vegetarian cakes.We can also make the cakes free of allergens (eggs, nuts, sugar, etc.).